Day By Day

by Willis Pride

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A bunch of tunes we recorded over the past year!


released September 20, 2019

All songs written, composed and arranged by Willis Pride. (with some help from the band)

Piano, Keyboards and vocals: Willis Pride
Guitars: Frank O
Bass: Etienne Dextraze
Drums and percussions: Chris Lepp-Forest
Congas : Elli Miller-Maboungou
Back vocals: Heidi Jutras, Nora Touain, Nadia Baldé, and Eliane Tougas

Chris Lepp-Forest and Patrice Pruneau at Humble Studios in Montreal

Patrice Pruneau

Frank Bones from Tone Bones Mastering

Monz creations

Thank you to our friends and family for the love and support, Simon Lachance, Jean Poulin, Stephane Abran, Phil Le Bourdais, , William Lussier, Lisandre Bourdages, Antony Beaulieu, and Dream Cymbals and Gongs.


all rights reserved



Willis Pride Montreal, Québec

Willis Pride is a soulful singer based in Montreal whose sole purpose is to keep you moving and grooving. Having spent his whole life working on his craft, he brings a deep understanding of harmony to his compositions. Willis' music is lush yet deeply rooted in an infectious groove. For this reason, he surrounds himself with a large cast of talented musicians to create his sound. ... more

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Track Name: Day by Day
I don’t think I know the answer
I don’t mind I live life day by day
When I’m lost it doesn’t matter
I’ll move on and find another way

I don’t pretend I got it figured out
Many times I am full of doubt
Life a mystery, a crazy dream
Things ain’t always what they seem
Some cling to ideas their entire life
I try to keep on growing and free myself from strife
It’s hard at times, yeah, I won’t deny
But I don’t need fear to be a better guy

Track Name: Good to Go
To the world of music, that’s where I go
To feel the beat and let it flow
Through my body and through my mind
Gives a rush that feels so fine
I’m addicted but that’s OK
Got no regrets at the end of the day
The only way I’ll ever stay sane
Is to always have music running through my brain

Music makes my life go ‘round
It lifts me up when I am down
Any time I feel the flow
Music’s there so I’m good to go

There’s nothing like music to my ears
The sound of a crowd that cheers
A feeling that can only be found
When you strike that chord and hear that sound
That lifts you up oh so high
Like a bird soaring in the sky
By now you’re feeling out of sight
You’re good to go for the whole damn night

Track Name: Get Up
So get up and hold your head up high
Try again and reach for the sky
To all your yesterdays say goodbye
Today’s a new day you’ll find a way to get by

Life isn’t for the faint of heart
There are endless possibilities but who knows where to start
There are good days and there are bad
The latter always seem to drive us mad

One day you feel like you’re in control
Everything you do just soothes your soul
The next day comes and you can barely get by
You’re down on your luck and you’re wondering why

The day-to-day struggle is so hard on you
In case you were wondering it’s hard on me too
But that’s the way life goes up and down
You’re either up and about or you’re on the ground

(Chorus) x3
Track Name: Feel so Good
Can’t that I’m satisfied
But I’m feeling so revived
Was lost without any hope
Yes on a slippery slope
I found a way to let go
I just let the music flow
I draw my strength from within
And love the skin that I’m in
And you know that is why

I feel so good inside
So free no need to hide
I struggle but I know
The seeds I plant may grow

Everyday is a fight
And when it’s not it ain’t right
I strive to reap what I sow
And move to where I can grow
Don’t care what price I must pay
I need love to lead the way (yes I need it)
Can’t only take so I give
And love the life that I live (yes I love it)
And you know that is why


I fooled around and had my fun
My mind was always on the run
I wasted time but I must say
I made friends along the way

Track Name: When I Fall
When I Fall

Don’t hide when the sky’s grey
Running is the long way
When I fall yes it’s OK
Chains won’t hold me down today

Sometimes I’m low sometimes
I’m high but I always find a way to get by
There are days, I try so hard
Fly right in let down my guard
I get hurt then I get better
Ain’t no storm that I can’t weather
No time to say goodbye
I’ll be fighting ‘till I die


I can’t stop its time to go
Can’t look back it this much I know
I gotta keep up with the flow
Straight ahead there is room to grow
So there’s no need to be concerned
I got up when I got burned
To share what I have learned
Yes, to share what I have earned

Track Name: Dreaming of You
Lover lady can’t you see
That I need you here with me
And why does everything feel so wrong?
Why is my mind a mess when you are gone?
And I can’t help I’m in misery
We’re both alone and together we must be
I wanna hold you in a love embrace
Before I fall from grace

I’m dreaming of you
I’m thinkin’ about you
Do you dream of me too
Do ya baby do ya

Loving you is on my mind
With you I long to be intertwined
The touch of your lips would feel
They help me through the lonely night
The days are long when your not here with me
It’s where you are baby is where I wanna be
I’m thinking of you every single day
The tough is here to stay


Yes I can’t fall asleep
Wanting our eyes to meet
It’s when I close them eyes
I see you by me side
And reach for your hand
Stuck in my dream land
I wake to find that you are gone
I’ve had enough this can’t go on

Track Name: Song of Hope
Don’t need a reason to be me
Yes I was made to be proud and free
Don’t need to give no reason why
Just do what I must to get by
Don’t have no need for power and greed
But my life is mine for it I’ll bleed
Battled my demons everyday
To keep the darkness inside at bay

And a song of hope I’ll play
Same as yesterday
When I fall, I get stronger
And stand up, much longer
Look for love when I lose my way

And I if I’ve done you any harm
Make haste and sound the alarm
Expose my dark to the light
I’ll do my best to make it right
And if I done you any harm
Make haste and sound the alarm
Expose my darkness to the light
I’ll do my best to make it right

Track Name: Can't Get You out of My Mind
Oh I’ve got a feelin’
That it’s my heart you’re stealing
Been down this road before
Comin’ back for more
Babe I know you won’t let me down
I just want to have you around
Yeah you do somethin’ to me
Without you I’m in misery

Can’t get you out of my mind
Can’t leave the thought behind
No matter how hard I try
My heart I can’t deny

When you are away form me
At your side’s where I wanna be
And so I try to hold on
Thinkin’ of you from dusk ‘till dawn
I try at first then I start to see
Being with you just sets me free
And when everyday is through
All that’s left is the thought of you


When I think of you I see sunshine
And every new date feels like the very first time
Every kiss is a feeling of bliss
And when you’re gone, baby, gone
Your kisses are missed


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